FosPower Deal(s) of the Week – Father’s Day Special

So tell me, who doesn’t enjoy some good deals? I am sure you do! Father’s Day is just around the corner and here are some unbeatable deals just for Dads:


A. Buy a FosPower 3-Port USB Car Charger at $12.99 and get a FosPower 6-ft Micro-USB Sync & Charge (White) cable (valued at $9.99) for FREE.

FosPower 3-Port Car Charger
How (you may ask)?

All you have to do is head to and search for FosPower 3-Port USB Car Charger (or click here) and add the item to cart. Then, search for FosPower 6-Ft Micro-USB Sync & Charge cable (or click here) and add the item to cart. Proceed to checkout and the promotional value will be reflected during checkout.


To make things easier, just click HERE and add both items to cart. And again, the promotional value (the free cable) will be reflected during checkout.

NOTE: This would only work with listing fulfilled by FosPower. Go to “Other Sellers” and select the 2nd FosPower listing.

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Get plugged in across the world with FUSE adapter charger

By Sid Pranke – FosPower

International travelers these days usually want to bring mobile electronic devices and small portable appliances on their trips. These items could be cell phones, electric razors, blow dryers, you name it. Cell phones need to be charged and appliances, depending on the countries you visit, may need an adapter to fit into the plug sockets.

Now it is possible to use just one product to virtually cover all of your charging and adapter needs, almost anywhere in the world. The FUSE Universal World Travel Dual USB AC Adapter Charger allows you to charge your devices in more than 150 countries. With two USB ports and one AC Power port located on top of the FUSE, you can even plug in a 3-prong plug for one device while you are charging another device with the USB at the same time.


FUSE Universal World Travel Dual USB AC Adapter Charger

US plug socket is Type B; Euro plug socket is Type C; UK plug socket is Type G & Aust plug socket is Type I on the world map below. For additional product information and to order, see here.

















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FosPower POWERACTIVE portable external battery [Video]



The POWERACTIVE USB POWER BANK is a portable external battery, a high capacity power bank perfect for smartphones, tablets and portable electronic devices. It is designed to be snow proof, dirt proof, drop proof, and water proof – IP67 certified: dust and water resistance for up to 3ft/1m for 30 minutes. It also has a built-in LED flashlight, compass, and a carabiner (a coupling link with a safety closure) – perfect for all your adventures.

For the iPhone 6 Plus 6 5s 5c 5, iPad Air mini, Galaxy S6 S5 S4, Tab 2, Note 4, Edge, LG G4 G3, Nexus 5 6, HTC One M9 M8, Moto G X, PS Vita and More

The FosPower POWERACTIVE USB Power Bank

For more information on the FosPower POWERACTIVE USB Power Bank and to order, see here.

Shifting to Qi Wireless Chargers for Smartphones

By Sid Pranke –

Wireless chargers are now available for your smartphone and other devices. Many of the latest smartphones come with support for Qi wireless charging, but what exactly is that, and how do you use it?

Wireless charging means you won’t have to plug your phone into your charger anymore because it uses something invented by Nikola Tesla in the 1890s. (Yes, the same Tesla the electric cars are named after.) It’s called a Tesla coil, which transmits electricity without wires. If you have used an electric toothbrush, you may already grasp the concept.

To charge a smartphone, both the charger (such as the FosPower EnergyPad) and the phone have this type of coils inside, which are used to send and receive the charge. Developers of this technology explain how it works: “the charge passes between a transmitter and receiver coil placed closely together, usually only separated by the outer casing of the two devices (<7mm). The coils must be aligned to make the connection.”

Users and reviewers of wireless charging report that different smartphones have different “sweet spots,” so when first placing your phone on the wireless charger, you will notice when a good connection is made by your smartphone indicators.

FosPower EnergyPad

Here, a smartphone is about to be placed on a FosPower EnergyPad to be charged. Note: Blue/green light rays for illustration purposes only – wink. To order the EnergyPad, go here.




















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