Get plugged in across the world with FUSE adapter charger

By Sid Pranke – FosPower

International travelers these days usually want to bring mobile electronic devices and small portable appliances on their trips. These items could be cell phones, electric razors, blow dryers, you name it. Cell phones need to be charged and appliances, depending on the countries you visit, may need an adapter to fit into the plug sockets.

Now it is possible to use just one product to virtually cover all of your charging and adapter needs, almost anywhere in the world. The FUSE Universal World Travel Dual USB AC Adapter Charger allows you to charge your devices in more than 150 countries. With two USB ports and one AC Power port located on top of the FUSE, you can even plug in a 3-prong plug for one device while you are charging another device with the USB at the same time.


FUSE Universal World Travel Dual USB AC Adapter Charger

US plug socket is Type B; Euro plug socket is Type C; UK plug socket is Type G & Aust plug socket is Type I on the world map below. For additional product information and to order, see here.

















Four different plug standards in one product

The FUSE adapter charger is equipped with four different plug standards compatible with most of Africa, most of Asia, Australia, most of Europe, UK, and most of North America, and some parts of South America.


FUSE adapter charger covers the whole world

Click the World Map to see in larger view

World Map

This space-saving product is “flight attendant approved” and the dual USB port supports a maximum output of 3.1A. The built-in blue LED charging indicator helps identify when the adapter is ready to be used, and the easy to use slide-out plug release button allows you to conveniently change to any other plug when necessary.

The FUSE adapts to use four types of plugs: Types B, C, G and I, and the G UK-type plug is a grounded one. The AC power port does not convert voltage. We recommend that your device is rated to handle both 100V-125V and 240V-250V standards. The USB power ports are compatible with 110V to 125V and 240V to 250V standards, but make sure the country you are traveling to accepts the voltage of the appliance or device you want to use, since FosPower FUSE is not a converter/transformer.

If you are traveling with small appliances, electronics or tools from the United States or anywhere else with a 110V voltage, you might need a voltage converter or you could burn out whatever you plug in. It’s a good idea to read the label on your electronic chargers/adapters you plan to travel with. Doing that will let you know if the device has the acceptable input voltage for the country you are traveling to. For example, if you bring a 110V flat iron to Germany, it will damage your flat iron, because Germany has a higher voltage standard.

However, laptops, mobile phones and other electronics with built in converters are safe to use with the FUSE adapter.


AC Adapter

Always read the labels on your devices’ adapters before you travel to assist you in your planning.

















FosPower offers a limited lifetime warranty on the FUSE adapter charger.

Below is a complete list of all the countries you may use the FosPower FUSE Universal World Travel Dual USB AC Adapter Charger :

FosPower Fuse adapter list of countries

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