Emergency Survival Rain Poncho - 4 Pack

Emergency Survival Rain Poncho - 4 Pack

Emergency Fire Retardant Blanket

[EMERGENCY FIRE BLANKET] Fospower’s emergency fire blanket is an essential accessory to protect your body and property from fire hazards. Each fire blanket comes with a storage bag, a hanging hook, and a pair of gloves. The blanket has been tested to meet EN-1869:1997 standards, and is able to sustain temperatures of up to 1472°F / 800°C.

[EASY AND EFFECTIVE] Extinguishing small fires quickly is critical for your safety and might prevent a major emergency. For that reason, it’s a good idea to hang the blanket bag somewhere that’s easy to access. When a fire starts burning, pull the blanket out of the bag and cover the fire to extinguish it. It’s easy for everyone to use in an emergency and won’t make a big mess afterwards.

[MIMIMIZE BODILY INJURY AND PROPERTY LOSS] The blanket is made from fiberglass that can withstand high temperatures and cut off the oxygen supply to a fire. It is able to control or smother many small fires and minimize your property loss. The thermal-resistant blanket can also be used as a heat shield by wrapping it around your body.

[USED FOR VARIOUS FIRES] It’s easy to panic when an unexpected fire starts. Fortunately, fire blankets are easier to use than many other fire preventive devices. They are commonly used in homes, kitchens, workshops, offices, cars, while camping, and in many other situations. It is also effective at putting out clothing fires. (Note: the 3.94 x 39.4 inch / 1 x 1 meter blanket is not an adequate size for extinguishing an adult clothing fire.)

[LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY] Join millions of satisfied customers with our limited lifetime warranty, backed by our experienced and dedicated USA based customer service.

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Emergency Fire Blanket

FosPower’s Emergency Fire Blanket is made from fiberglass, which is able to sustain high temperatures (1472°F / 800°F), shield you from heat, and cut off oxygen to the fire. The fire retardant blanket meets the EN 1869:1997 standards, and is highly effective at extinguishing small fires or put out clothing fires.

A Complete Set

The Fospower fire blanket comes with accessories that allow you to store and use it more conveniently. The stainless hanging hook with double sided tape allows you to hang the blanket bag at an easy access spot. The set also includes two gloves, which provide good heat isolation while you are using the blanket.

Minimize Property Damage or Bodily Injury

Keeping multiple fire blankets at accessible spots is crucial for your home safety. When a fire starts, the fire retardant blanket can either completely extinguish a fire or prevent it from spreading before a fire extinguisher or help is available. The blanket can also shield your body from heat by covering the body, and can be used to put out a clothing fire. (Please note: the blanket is not an adequate size for an adult clothing fire.)

Used for Many Types of Fires

To burn, a fire must have 3 essential elements - heat, fuel, and oxygen. FosPower’s fire blanket extinguishes fire by covering it and cutting off the oxygen supply. Therefore it can effectively put out many types of fires, including ones starting from a candle, fireplace, kitchen, grease, grill, fire pit, and many more.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We have served millions of customers for more than 10 years and every product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Got a question? Reach out to our experienced and dedicated USA based customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please refer to FosPower's website for more information.

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