On-Ear Universal 3.5mm Wired Foldable Kids Headphone with Mic

On-Ear Universal 3.5mm Wired Foldable Kids Headphone with Mic

FosPower On Ear Stereo Headset w/ 3.5mm detachable mic; 3.5mm aux cable for Kids (Max 85dB)

[DESIGNED FOR COMFORT] Padded ear cushions provide a comfortable listening experience and kid-safe volume (up to a max of 85dB). They allow long term usage, protecting your children's ears and making sure the party never stops.

[DETACHABLE AUDIO/MICROPHONE CABLE] Includes two audio cables to best fit your kid's situation. One aux cable is designed just for audio and the other aux cable is an audio and microphone cable, allowing your kid to talk and communicate in games and whatever else they desire.

[BUILT TO BE DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE] Made for kids, these headphones stretch, twist, and turn without needing to worry about damage from rough handling. You can adjust the headband, making them to fit everyone from toddlers to teenagers.

[LACED CABLE] The laced cable ensures extra strength and fewer tangles. No more worrying about the hassle of cable management, meaning your kids will have more time to find the perfect beat and be the star of the show.

[LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY] This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Please refer to FosPower’s website for more information

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS
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Designed for Kids' Comfort

FosPower’s kid headphones have padded ear cushions to provide a comfortable listening experience. Be confident in knowing that your kids will stay comfortable and safe with the padded cushions and kid-safe volume (max of 85dB).

Detachable Audio/Microphone Cable

FosPower's headphones comes with two different audio cables. One aux cable for just audio, and then another audio cable that has both headphone and microphone capabilities. If your kid just wants to listen to music, plug in the audio cable. If your kid is playing a game that allows the usage of a microphone, plug in the all-in-one microphone and headphone cable. Be in full control.

Built to be Durable and Flexible

FosPower’s kid headphones were built with kids in mind, with increased durability and flexibility. Worried your kid’s headphones will break because they got tangled in their bag? Built to be flexible, the cat ear headphones can stretch sideways to fit any size head and can twist without worry. Feel safe knowing that an accidental yank will not ruin the headphones.

Laced Cable for Increased Safety

The laced cable gives our cat ear headphones for kids extra durability. It also means fewer tangles, making cable management cleaner and easier on the user.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

This product includes a limited lifetime warranty. Please visit FosPower's website for more details.
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